Acne is probably one of the most common skin problems a person will encounter in one’s lifetime and it particularly affects teenagers or young people in their twenties, sometimes leaving the victim so socially disconnected and bullied that they would often result to “covering up” their acne problem or cutting out social ties. Covering up means a person will pile tons of cosmetics on their face in the hope that it will make the appearance of acne go away. But we all know it won’t and the tendency is using so many cosmetics would tend to clog the pores much more which encourages further acne breakout, worsening the problem.


Having clear skin especially on your face is very important. A clean skin without any acne breakouts is often thought of as an indication that a person is healthy, has good hygiene, and well-balanced.

People tend to judge what they see on the outside, whether they mean it to or not is not. The most viewed and scrutinized part of any body is the face because it is what people see and what they look at when they interact with you. Therefore, you would want your face to be clear and blemish free.


Acne is a disease that affects the skin where pores are plugged with oil and dirt resulting in the formation of pimples. And although it is not a life threatening disease, having acne can be such a hassle and painful experience. 

There are three main factors that greatly contribute to acne formation. Knowing these and being able to pinpoint the cause will save you from spending big money on acne treatments.


Often acne occurs when the skin overproduces oil (sebum). It worsens when most people do not follow a good skin cleansing regimen as bacteria on the skin multiply which also causes acne.

Normal skin sheds regularly but sometimes when our system’s interrupted, irregular skin shedding takes place. This discarded skin sometimes clogs on your face’s pores which once again blocks it and causes acne to form. Your diet, hormones, and certain medication can also affect or trigger acne.


There are many medications available out there to treat acne but we need not rush to take them if we have other alternatives and choices first.

When suffering from acne make sure that the face is kept clean and properly moisturized. Have a skin care regimen using trusted anti-acne products. Keeping your face clean and moisturized improves the skin’s condition and its fight against acne. This better promotes a blemish-free, smooth skin without any make-up.


Have a good skin care routine and make sure you have these basic products with you to clear your skin of acne.


  • Have glycolic scrub included in your skin care kit. Unlike other scrubs available, Glycolic scrub removes dirt deeply stuck in your pores. Since this contains Vitamin A this scrub also leaves skin revitalized and nourished at the same time.
  • If you’re having frequent breakouts then a blemish solution is needed. The formulations of most blemish solutions help kill acne-causing bacteria as well as soothe already inflamed skin. It also helps dry out zits and give you relief from inflammation.
  • No skin care regimen is ever complete without you moisturizing. It’s a common misconception by most people that if you have oily skin then you can just skip moisturizing. The skin produces excess sebum because it thinks it is not being moisturized enough. To help counter this problem, always moisturize after cleansing but pick a moisturizer that is oil-free.

One of the new things beauty blogs are now buzzing about are posts regarding hyaluronic acid serum. It is quite a powerful moisturizer and despite its scary-sounding name, hyaluronic acid is not an “acid” but a naturally occurring protein in the body, present in skin and used to balance oil-water equilibrium. Hydrate and lubricate your skin without the heavy feeling of common moisturizers. For people who experience flaking together with their acne, this is going to be a great moisturizing product for you.

  • During the healing process some acne may leave terrible scars on your face and this won’t be a good sight to see. Reduce the appearance of acne scars by using a very simple yet effective tool called a derma roller. Skin renewal is naturally activated when you roll this little wonder on your skin. The tiny needles create a pricking sensation that tells your body to “heal” it without really causing any damage. And since this process can be used without any chemicals, your skin will naturally heal and restore itself. With a little patience, you will see that your skin will glow and be healthy again.


Lastly, do your skin and entire body a favour and start to eat properly. Avoid fatty foods and give your body the love and care it truly deserves by making sure that you watch what you ingest as well. Your body should not be riddled with acne or any skin disease. You are beautiful inside and out!

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